How to Keep Groundhogs out of My Garden

Baltimore roundhogs are herbivorous rodents, which mean that they will look for every juicy green they can find-and this often means that one groundhog will ravage through your garden like a desert fire. Groundhogs can eat up to a pound of greens a day, which can indeed be a devastation of your garden or your hayfield within a short period of time. They even go after flowerbeds (they like dandelions and clover) so when it comes to groundhogs, nothing is safe! Now, what to do about these pests if you a farmer and want to keep your crops safe till they are ready for picking (and picking by yourself, not these sneaky rodents!)? There are several options you can choose.

• distraction
This is diplomatic solution that in practice means giving them something to keep others for yourself. What we propose here is to plant one garden for Maryland groundhogs to eat from, in order to save the other for yourself and your family. Plant those plants that are their favorites, such as clover and alfalfa, hoping they will enjoy in these too much to go outside their borders. Of course, there is no guarantee here that they will stay in their garden, away from yours. This is just hoping for the best, especially if you are animal lover and against any violent solutions.

• moving away
This is another peaceful option. It includes trapping your Baltimore home groundhog in a live trap, one of those that don't harm animal but just capture it-and then taking it away far enough so that it doesn't know to return back to your land. If you choose this way, please make sure to keep your fingers safely distant from groundhog's teeth and as soon as you dislocate it and come back home, cover all the entrances and exits to its den so to prevent arrival of other groundhog looking for a fruitful shelter.

• fencing and scaring
If previous tactics didn't work, it is time to try some other, more determined measures. One is to try with fencing your garden. However, this is not very successful tactic because groundhogs are excellent diggers-they will simply dig under it. The other tactic to try is to scare groundhog away. It is the fact that groundhogs are not aggressive Maryland animals and will usually try to avoid conflict. Large dog, one that barks a lot will probably manage to scare groundhog away.

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